My friend is being bullied. How do I help?

Rachel’s Challenge does not provide direct response for someone who is being bullied. But, if your friend has been bullied or has talked to you about being bullied, they are doing the most helpful thing possible – talking to you. You can get immediate help at the National Center for Bullying by calling:


or email them at

or visit their website at

Encourage your friend and affirm to him or her that you are available and can be trusted. Be careful, though, about promising “not to tell anyone.” Most students are embarrassed about what’s happening to them and don’t want anyone else to know they are being mistreated. But, if your friend is in danger of being harmed physically or emotionally, the best way you can be a friend is to get immediate help from someone in authority who can intervene and stop the harmful behavior.

It’s not uncommon for someone being bullied to think no one cares or that there is nothing that can be done. Be supportive! There is ALWAYS something that can be done. If someone in authority does not act, go to another person and keep waving the flag until your friend gets action on the situation.

You can help your friend if you have observed the bullying by being specific in reporting the situation. Be specific about the situation. When, where, who and what happened. Who else was present. Be confident in your actions. You are not ratting someone out. You may just be saving your friend’s life.

Check out the other links to the right to learn more about just what bullying is and isn’t and how to identify exactly what’s happening.