I'm being bullied

Rachel's Challenge does not provide direct counseling or intervention services for students who are dealing with bullying. However, some of our partners specialize in helping students that are facing this on a daily basis.

Please contact the National Center for Bullying for immediate help at


Be sure to read the page on What is Bullying.  You can click HERE.

There are many definitions of bullying. Some are based on descriptions of personal experience. Others are used in local or state laws or school regulations. You can be bullied by individuals or groups, adults or students.



Whatever it’s called or whoever is doing it,
when it’s being done to you, you need help.



You may hear things from your friends or even adults like, “Just get over it,” or, “It’s no big deal.” A popular saying is, “Stick and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.” Well, that’s just crazy! Whoever said that never went through what you’re going through. Right? Words can be weapons just as powerful as sticks or stones.

Here’s the deal. You have a right to live and go to school in a safe environment. It is the responsibility of adults who are in charge to make sure you are safe. There are caring people; counselors, teachers and others who really care for you and want to make you school a safe and fun place. You can and should tell them what’s going on. If you don’t feel like you’re being heard, tell somebody else. Remember, being bullied is not your fault, and the responsible adults are there to help.

Things to remember...

  • You are not alone.
  • It is not your fault. Nobody should be bullied!
  • Talk to someone you trust.
  • Do not hurt yourself.
  • Do not bully back. Do not bully anyone else.
  • Do not let the bully win. Keep doing what you love to do.

There are also some other great online resources.



Need help? Kids & Teens can chat with STOMP Out Bullying Trained Volunteers OR
call 855-790-HELP (4357).