Event Preparation Materials

Thank you for selecting Rachel’s Challenge to present at your school or conference.  We have created program preparation guides to assist you before and after your Rachel’s Challenge event.  Please refer to your contract to determine which prep guide(s) you will need in order to make your event day a success.  Each guide was created for your specific needs based on the program(s) you ordered.  For example, if you ordered a full program day including: Rachel’s Challenge, FOR (Friends of Rachel) Club Training and a Community Event, three prep guides will need to be selected.  These prep guides will include everything you need to know for your event day.  For questions regarding program preparation, please contact eventmanager@rachelschallenge.org.

Event Prep Guides

Rachel's Challenge Rachel’s Legacy  Rachel’s Story Presenter Bios
Elementary Assembly Community Event FOR Club Training Educator/College Keynote
Chain Reaction
Student Program
Chain Reaction
Adult Program
Rachel's Challenge
Elementary Educator


Preview Videos

Intro Video (4:08 min.)

RC Trailer (2:10 min.)

RC Promo (9:44 min.)

FOR (6:48 min.)

Chain Reaction (5:31 min.)

Elementary Prgm (3:41 min.)


Event Prep Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I want to change our presentation date or modify programming?
Please contact customer care at 877-895-7060 ext. 0.

Q: When will we receive our Event Materials box?
Event materials will arrive 1-2 weeks prior to your event.  Event materials will arrive in one box per event day. Contents will depend on the programs your organization selected.

Q:How much time is needed for each presentation? Can it be shortened?
We are not able to shorten the program.  In order for your students to fully benefit, we require:

  • 60 minutes - Rachel’s Challenge, Rachel’s Story, Rachel’s Legacy, Community Event
  • 90 minutes – Friends of Rachel Training
  • 40 minutes – Elementary Presentation
  • 6 hours – Chain Reaction

Q: How much time is needed between presentations?
We require 30 minutes between presentations.  However, if you are moving locations (for example: auditorium to library) one hour is required.

Q: Will I be in contact with the presenter before the presentation?
Yes, your presenter will contact you 12-24 hours before your event.  Please note, your presenter may be traveling and/or speaking before your event.  The call may not be made during normal business hours.  If you have questions before your presenter contacts you, please contact Program Coordination at 303-470-3000 between 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM Mountain Time or email programcoordinator@rachelschallenge.org.

Q: How can I learn more about the presenter who will be at my event?
Please visit the Presenter Bio Page to find out more information about your presenter.  Please note: presenters are subject to change within a few days of your event or in an emergency.

Q: How do we promote our Rachel’s Challenge events?
We encourage you to use the Community Event Invitation or Community Event Invitation – Elementary Version to invite parents and community members.  (Please note:  The Community Event Invitation is an editable PDF, however it cannot be saved to your computer.  If you’d like to send it electronically, you’ll need to print it and then scan it.  We’re sorry for this inconvenience.) You may also use our Media Fact Sheet to contact your local media.

Q: Are there any activities we can use before/after the presentation?
Yes, there are Pre and Post-Event Materials available for teachers to use in their classrooms to prepare students for their specific program.  Please refer to your preparation guide for specific questions.

Q:What is the Friends of Rachel (FOR) training?
 In a more intimate, interactive setting of a group of up to 100 students, your presenter allows students to share their thoughts about the assembly and shows fun and creative ways to keep the message of Rachel's Challenge going at your school. The students will actually plan some initial activities.

Q:How do we choose students and adults for the Friends of Rachel (FOR) Training Session?
Training is open for up to 100 students with a student to adult ratio of 10:1.  We also require a school counselor to attend the session.  We recommend a sign-up sheet for the first 100 students interested or who may be invited to participate by a teacher or counselor. It’s best have at least a portion of the students pre-selected, but there will be those who want to participate once they see the assembly. You might want to keep a few spots open.

Q: Where should we hold the Friends of Rachel (FOR) Training?
It is preferred to remain in the same location as the morning presentations.  Please note, if you must change locations, the same technical requirements are needed as well as one hour between to allow the presenter to break-down and set-up technology.

Q: Where should I display the banner for students to sign?
It is recommended to display the banner in an area where students will be able to congregate (i.e. lunch room) without causing a traffic jam.  It can be available after the assembly to give students plenty of time to sign.

Technical Requirements

Q:Would the presenter prefer a wireless or corded microphone?
For most of our programs, our presenters prefer a wired microphone as it is more reliable.  If wireless microphones are the only option, please make sure extra batteries are on hand.  The only exception is, Chain Reaction, where the presenters will need two hand-held wireless microphones and extra batteries.

Q:What tech requirements do we need for the training session?
Each event has its own preparation guide. Please see your specific event’s preparation guide (see above) for specific technology requirements.  For other questions, please email programcoordinator@rachelschallenge.org.

Q:What kind of projector do you recommend? What if we do not have one?
Our presentations require an LCD projector with at least 3000 lumens.  If you do not have access to a projector, we recommend you borrow one from a neighboring school as it is necessary for all presentations.

Q: What if our screen is not 10 by 10 feet?
Please use the biggest screen available.  You many also consider renting one from another school or business in your area.

Q: What is a VGA cable?
A VGA cable is a 15 pin cable that connects the computer to a projector.

Rachel’s Challenge Product

Q:How can I purchase an additional banner?
You can purchase an additional banner through our store.


Q: Have you received our signed contract/deposit?
 A confirmation email should have been received when the signature was received through DocuSign. If you have further questions regarding your signed contract, please contact customercare@rachelschallenge.org.  For questions regarding your deposit, please contact finance@rachelschallenge.org.

Q: We would like to provide our presenter a meal during their stay.  Is this appropriate?
It is best to ask your presenter the day before/morning of your program to discuss their schedule and preference.

Q:Am I responsible for booking travel/accommodations for the presenter?
No, your Rachel’s Challenge Program Coordinator will handle all arrangements.

Q:Are we allowed to film the presentation?
It is acceptable to film 1-2 minutes of the presentation for promotional use; however, the presentation in its entirety is not allowed to be filmed due to copyright issues.