What is Rachel’s Challenge All About?

Every parent wants their children to feel safe and have a meaningful, rewarding experience whatever educational setting they may be in. Your student may have recently experienced a presentation at school by a representative from Rachel’s Challenge, or a Rachel’s Challenge presentation may be scheduled in the near future. This presentation is being offered by your student’s school to improve the learning environment and experience for your student. There may be any opportunity for you to attend a community-wide presentation similar to what was presented at school. These opportunities may lead you to check out Rachel’s Challenge for yourself.

Who Is Rachel Scott?

More About Rachel’s Challenge

You may also want more information to help you or your student as a result of the Rachel’s Challenge presentation. The information provided here is designed to equip you to discuss with your student the ideas and suggestions presented from Rachel’s Challenge.

Part of the presentation is offering five challenges to students to change the culture at their school. The challenges are different for each grade level, but are all based on the life and writings of Rachel Scott. Check out the challenges HERE.

Occasionally, a student will share sensitive or troubling thoughts as a result of the Rachel’s Challenge experience. The links to the right may help you work through these issues with your student.

Rachel’s Challenge has been or will be brought to your student’s school as an initiative to improve the culture on the school’s campus. The teachers and administrators are united in their desire to see Rachel’s Challenge have a positive impact for your student by creating a kinder, more compassionate culture on their campus.