Help for Teachers

The primary way Rachel’s Challenge helps teachers is to create a kinder, more respectful culture in the school through the student presentations and follow-up Friends of Rachel (FOR) strategies. Select from the menu at right to see detailed descriptions of the student focused programs.

Managing the school culture on campuses today is a complex dilemma. Teachers and administrators are tasked with a myriad of criteria and classroom objectives directed at getting students to perform at a higher level. And, yet, sometimes the simplest of actions can provide the most significant changes in a classroom. Rachel’s Challenge believes that the greatest change agent for a classroom today is to first reach students through their hearts. Capture a student’s heart and they will be eager for what you have to teach them. Once they believe they are equipped and believe in themselves, they will find their way to a satisfying and fulfilling life.

The various Rachel’s Challenge programs in the Professional Development area are all based on helping teachers reach a student’s heart. The Rachel’s Challenge signature program, Classroom Harmony: Closing the Gap, is the flagship presentation that charts the course. It’s a two day event that can be hosted by your school or district, or you can attend a nearby presentations as an individual attendee. Click HERE to request more information on hosting or attending a Classroom Harmony event.

Other events including the annual Educators’ Summit and a series of two day institutes are also available. Select Professional Development  or the Summit menu listing to the right to learn more about these events.

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