Teachers, school counselors and education administrators rank among the most important professionals who will determine the future of our civilization. As cultures change more rapidly and dramatically than ever before, those who educate children are responsibly for training those entrusted with the well-being of future generations. Rachel’s Challenge regards today’s educators with the highest possible regard. We believe that there are lessons to be learned from the life of Rachel Scott that can help educators and improve the quality of education.

Education today is the product of decades of changing philosophy that drives classroom practices. The Rachel’s Challenge philosophy of education is based on a historically sound principle of the “three H’s,” the heart, the head and the hands. We believe that the doorway to improving education is a student’s heart. If a teacher captures a student’s heart (emotion, passion and imagination), the student will give you the opportunity to train their mind (head) which will lead to the student applying their hands to meaningful work and service.

This philosophy was prevalent in American education through the 1960’s when American students ranked at or near the top of every international measurement of educational success. Rachel’s Challenge applies this philosophy in its student focused programs, and in a series of educator training opportunities. Many of these sessions earn post-graduate credits through Brandman University. Whether you attend a Rachel’s Challenge event, invite Rachel’s Challenge to your campus or access these training opportunities online, your teaching experience can be propelled to new heights by applying this simple, proven philosophy to your educational setting.