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Title: The Unique GIFTS of Extraordinary Middle Level Principals
Author: Dr. Neila A. Connors, PhD.
Description: In observing outstanding leaders, Neila Connors has discovered in each not only the quality of greatness, but also the gift of being extraordinary.  The definition of gift is “something that is bestowed voluntarily by one person to another without compensation.” Extraordinary leaders have many gifts, and in this article Neila describes 10 significant gifts that can be enhanced once identified. 

Title: Educational Options and Outcomes
Author: Gene Bedley
Description: If we, as educators, really want to create a culture of cared for, capable, confident, compassionate and connected human beings we need an educational philosophy and system that supports these priorities. As long as we neglect to address the whole child and the characteristics of an educated person and continue to define education as a “linear outcome” institution with only left brain objectives we will fail in guiding our students in becoming effectively functioning, responsible, human beings.

Title: School Violence: Warning signs teachers must learn to discern
Author: Bob Cornuke
Description: Former FBI trained SWAT office Bob Cornuke created and presents the Teacher Preparedness training. Bob is an authority on the Columbine High School shooting and has lectured around the world. His crisis planning training is full of practical techniques that address prevention and response. Here is an article on crisis preparation written by Bob that appeared recently in Education Matters.