Friends of Rachel (FOR) Support Materials (FOR Materials)

Recommended Audience: Middle School and High School (5th-12th)

Prerequisite: FOR Training

Logistics: Support materials shipped to your location by Rachel’s Challenge

Program Description: FOR Support Materials are a comprehensive set of resources designed to make starting and sustaining a FOR Club easier and more productive. These Support Materials are in use in schools across North America and are reviewed and updated annually with best practices and new ideas. Included in the FOR Support Materials are:


  1. FOR Club Handbook with DVD and activities
  2. Classroom lessons manual with instructional DVD
  3. FOR Club banner
  4. Club posters
  5. Assigned coach from Rachel’s Challenge
  6. FOR Club web site access
  7. FOR Club Facebook access
  8. Making It Work handbook and DVD with practical advice from successful clubs

Outcomes: The FOR Support Materials make starting and sustaining a vibrant and active FOR Club easier for the adult and student leaders. Everything required to run a FOR Club for an entire year is included. All FOR Support Materials are designed with ease-of-use in mind. Rachel’s Challenge appreciates how busy educators are and these materials will make it easy to pick-and-choose what will work in your school with minimal additional work for the sponsor.