This handbook was written with the help of National Educator of the Year, founder of the National Character Education Foundation and author of numerous books, Gene Bedley.

This Handbook includes:
  • Clear directions outlining how to utilize all of the club materials including the handbook itself.
  • Instructions for structuring your club members, including descriptions of the multiple roles to be filled by students. Everyone involved will have very important responsibilities.
  • Easy to follow meeting outlines that can be photo copied.
  • A DVD to be shown at the first meeting that will help you get the program started right away.
  • Multiple character lessons stemming from Rachel's life.
  • This Handbook also incorporates video to spark discussion and to aid in lesson instruction.
  • Instructions for lasting programs meant to make a positive impact on your campus for many years to come.
  • Instructions for small acts of kindness and LARGE PROJECTS meant to inspire your campus and community.