The Friends of Rachel Clubs are just one of the many benefits of having Rachel's Challenge in your school.  This unique program provides the opportunity for your school to partner with Rachel's Challenge to continue the chain reaction of kindness and compassion in your school and community.  The main goal of these clubs is to help create a permanent cultural change in your school.

Almost every school has a FOR Club training with students but not every school chooses to purchase the club program with all its materials. Your school can decide whether you want to take all the information and inspiration gained in the training and start your own club or you can order the club program which includes the Club Handbook, RC Classroom Manual, RC Coach and the materials mentioned in the "Also Included" tab.

The club program components are not sold seperately. If you'd like information about how to order the club program and all it includes please call our marketing team at 877-895-7060 or you can email RC Marketing(

Rachel's Challenge wishes you the best of luck in creating a more welcoming campus.  We are confident the chain reaction of kindness and compassion will continue for many years to come and we thank you for your support.

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