Rachel’s Challenge Orientation

Recommended Audience: Administration, teachers, counselors, social workers and staff interested in understanding the FOR Club and how best to implement it at their school.

Prerequisite: None, but typically followed on campus by one of the following programs and a FOR Training: Rachel’s Challenge, Rachel’s Legacy or Rachel’s Story.

Logistics: A training delivered by one certified Rachel’s Challenge presenter at your site.

Program Description: This hands-on training is designed to prepare a school for an effective Rachel’s Challenge program. This customizable program covers what a school will need to be ready for a day with Rachel’s Challenge. Typically, this program is delivered in one of three varieties: 1) a two hour training specifically aimed at being ready to start a FOR Club; 2) a three hour training that includes preparing for a Rachel’s Challenge assembly and the FOR Club; and 3) a four hour training that starts with an actual Rachel’s Challenge assembly presentation for the staff followed by assembly prep and FOR Club training. Topics covered are selected from the following depending on the type of orientation desired.


  1. Rachel’s Challenge assembly presentation
  2. Preparing to have Rachel’s Challenge on-site
    • Tech requirement
    • What to expect
    • How to select students for training
    • Etc.
  3. Review of FOR Club training
    • FOR Club planning and activity preparation
    • First meeting agenda and activity plan

Outcomes: Participants in the Rachel’s Challenge Orientation fully understand the power and purpose of having a Rachel’s Challenge program on campus. They are prepared to host a program and ensure maximum positive impact on students. Rachel’s Challenge Orientation participants also have a huge head-start on creating a FOR Club and sustaining positive outcomes throughout the school year.