Link-Up! Elementary Assembly

Recommended Audience:  Elementary (K-6th)

Prerequisite:  None

Logistics:  40 minute assembly presented on your site by one of Rachel’s Challenge certified presenters. 

Program Description:  This is a fun, energetic, inter-active assembly that mixes music, video and activities to introduce or remind elementary students of Rachel Scott and her challenge to reach out to others with deliberate acts of kindness.  Students will learn about a young girl named Rachel; however they will not hear or see footage related to the Columbine tragedy or her death.    The program includes the Kindness & Compassion Program Guide and can be used to kick-off the school year, as a boost mid-year, or as a celebration of what has happened throughout the year.  Although appropriate for K-6th, it is most effective with K-4th students.  Link-Up focuses on the following four challenges:   


    1. Use Kind Words & Do Kind Things
    2. Accept & Include Others
    3. Choose & Be a Positive Influence
    4. Set Goals & Keep a Journal
    5. Continue the Chain Reaction

      Outcomes:  The primary objective of Link-Up is to introduce and/or reinforce with students that treating others with respect is fun and should not just be what we do, but who we are.  It proactively addresses the issues of bullying and destructive behavior by giving students permission to be kind.  Students leave excited about treating others with respect and wanting to start their own chain of kindness; both literally and figuratively with the paper chain of kindness.