Kindness & Compassion Program Guide

Recommended Audience: Elementary (K-5th)

Prerequisite: None

Logistics: Lesson plans and support materials for the entire school year

Program Description: Developed by elementary educators and counselors, the Kindness & Compassion Program Guide is an age-appropriate, year-long introduction to Rachel Scott and her challenge to reach out to others with deliberate acts of kindness. The program consists of lesson plans, DVD’s, activities, and directions for starting a KC (Kindness & Compassion) Club. There is no mention of Columbine or Rachel’s death in this program. It is genius in its simplicity and can work in conjunction with existing programs or as a stand-alone program. The lesson plans, DVD’s and activities revolve around following five challenges for elementary students.


  1. Influence – the power of both positive and negative influences
  2. Goal Setting – the importance of dreaming big
  3. Journaling – the powerful impact of writing goals, thoughts, emotions and dreams down
  4. Acceptance – understanding, inclusion, respect, compassion…the first steps to eliminating prejudice
  5. Kindness – simple, deliberate acts of kindness positively impact the recipient and the giver 

Outcomes: Teaching children at an early age that kindness and compassion is a way of life; not what we do, but who we are; is the primary objective of Kindness & Compassion. It proactively addresses the issues of bullying and destructive behavior by giving students permission to be kind. The focus is on promoting and celebrating positive behavior and thereby instilling a positive self-image and respect for others that can shape their lives and ultimately promotes an atmosphere conducive to effective learning.