The Rachel's Challenge program for schools is a 5-Step School Improvement process called Click for more info and to buy.Awaken the Learner. The foundation of this process is contained in the book, Awaken the Learner: Finding the Source of Effective Education, co-authored by Darrell Scott and Dr. Robert Marzano.

The 5-step process was developed in cooperation with Multidimensional Education of Long Beach, CA. Awaken the Learner is an evidence-driven, holistic approach to academic success that begins with strong communities and a safe, positive learning environment. Awaken the Learner inspires students, educators and parents to greatness, while also bringing current school improvement efforts into a comprehensive focus. Based on Rachel Scott's vision to create an intentional "chain reaction of kindness and compassion," this 5-step model can transform schools into safe, caring and supportive learning environments essential for academic achievement.

Supported by over 50 years of research regarding highly effective schools, Awaken the Learner motivates and awakens every learner in the educational community, including teachers, students, administrators, parents, and community members.

Get PDFPreventing school violence, senseless bullying, and reducing absenteeism and dropouts are just a few of our goals. Awaken the Learner also aims to reduce the number of educators leaving the profession, and inspire and re-energize them for their profession. Likewise, we engage parents and community members with specific strategies to create schools we would all want to attend.

DOWNLOAD: Right-click the image on the left to download a pdf snapshot of the Awaken the Learner 5-Step School Improvement Process.