Educator Keynote

Recommended Audience: Educators, industry groups and other organizations affiliated with education and/or interested in previewing the Rachel’s Challenge program for themselves or a school.

Prerequisite: None.

Logistics: A 60 minute multi-media presentation delivered by one certified Rachel’s Challenge presenter at your site.

Program Description: The inspiring story of Rachel Scott whose example of kindness and acceptance was brought to light when she became the first victim in the Columbine High School tragedy. Conveyed through stories from Rachel’s life and writings, this keynote address shows the profound positive impact we can have on those around us. The presentation demonstrates to the listener the power of deliberately reaching out in word and action to others to start what Rachel called “a chain reaction of kindness and compassion”. It encourages participants to examine their own lives in the light of the following 5 challenges.


  1. Look for the Best in Others
  2. Continue to Dream
  3. Be a Positive Influence
  4. Speak and Act with Kindness
  5. Start your own Chain Reaction

Outcomes: Rachel’s Challenge motivates each individual to consider where they are personally in relation to the five challenges. It also prompts the listener to reflect on their relationship with and impact on the people around them. Additionally, Rachel’s Challenge renews the participants hope that their life has purpose through service to others. Rachel’s story gives participants permission to start their own chain reaction of kindness and compassion, which positively affects the climate in their school or organization.