Rachel Scott
Student of the Year

Rachel Scott was posthumously awarded the National Kindness Student of the Year award by the Acts of Kindness Association. Only two years after her death, the award indicated that her story was already having an impact on millions of people.



Darrell Scott
For Rachel’s Challenge
Catherine O’C. Barrett Friend of Education Award

Darrell Scott was presented this award by the National Education Association of New York in 2006 after Rachel’s Challenge had made numerous presentations to schools in New York. New York continues to be one of the most active states presenting Rachel’s Challenge.


Darrell and Sandy Scott
For Rachel’s Challenge
Friend of the Year

Darrell and Sandy Scott were presented this award by the Friends of Texas Public Schools in 2010. More schools in Texas have hosted Rachel’s Challenge that any other state.


3 television Emmy awards were won because of Rachel's Challenge through our television partners in Atlanta, Phoenix, and Seattle.







In 2012 the National Association of Broadcasters awarded Belo Corp., and their 20 television stations, the National Service to America Award because of their partnership with Rachel's Challenge. Darrell and Sandy Scott were invited to attend the NAB ball in Washington D.C., where 7 minutes of video about Rachel's Challenge was shown to the prestigious audience.





In 2009, People Magazine and Major League Baseball honored Darrell Scott for his leadership with Rachel's Challenge. He was sent to the MLB Allstar Game in St. Louis where he represented the Colorado Rockies. Each team had a representative from their city who was a leader in community service. All 5 living U.S. Presidents spoke on the stadium megascreen of the work done by the 32 "All Stars" representing their city and their team.